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Re: threatened by an opinion?

TrojMacReady wrote:

phiri wrote:

TrojMacReady wrote:

phiri wrote:

cosmonaut wrote:

The D800 image quality is probably only better at high ISO.

Really? As somebody said, a picture is worth s thousand words. You could help your argument by posting pictures from both cameras at the same scene. DxO mark measurements tend to favour the D800 over D600 in terms of DR: both are good but with more for the D800.

Again, there is a review of the D800 at imaging-resource and there are comparisons with the a99 though limited but with commentaries. You can go through ti and see how it comapares even at base ISO


Take your own advice, don't worry about an opinion from someone who owns both. Be happy with what you shoot.

I respect his opinion. Even in statistics, there are always outliers. It does not mean that they are wrong, only that they are not representative.

They are representative to him, which for him is all that should matter.

I wonder why you care, since:

A) you already stated you will never leave Nikon

B) you repeatedly stated people should stop worrying about what others think of their or any camera as long as they (or you) are happy with what they shoot. Often hinting at insecurities from those that appear to worry.

Yet as soon as Nikon gets mentioned in any way that might sound negative or gets compared to a Sony, you jump in.

I'm not expecting any explanations, since you have dodged the above many times before.

It is not my duty to defend Nikon. That would be silly. I am just one of the users of their equipment, nothing special. However, If I say that Nikon is better than Sony, I have to explain why I say that. If it just as an opinion, I should also say that so that the one reading it should know the basis of such information.

If one is saying that based on scores from competent testers, it is not enough because those parameters are going to weigh differently for different people. The person I was responding to alleged that the D800 is better only in the high ISOs. All what I did was to point him to the test that has been done at Imaging-Resource  at base ISO.

If one says that camera A is better than camera B, there has to be the context for coming to that conclusion for others to benefit and assess whether it is also true and important for them too. Even when expressing preferences, should we not share why we prefer A to B?

I started with Nikon and that is why I am staying with it. I am used to it so I dont want to have the hassle of learing another system. I dont want to learn photoshop because Capture NX2 is enough for me. You can see my reason for staying with Nikon have nothing to do with its supriority (if there is any) but my own rational way kind of thinking.

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