What happened to the Nokia Pureview 808 in the studio comparison?

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Re: More on RX100 vs Nokia 808?

I have used the Cannon S90 for a few years now, as a walk-around point and shoot. A week back I bought a Nokia 808.

My opinion:

- User interface of the Nokia Camera app is fine, logical, fast, and no shutter lag.

- Nokia has a decent flash

- Autofocus does not work very well in macro range

- Detail is very, very good

- Dynamic range is not so good (blown high lights, shadow noise)

- Default JPEG setting of 85% limits detail in 8MP / 5MP modus (can only be changed using Custom Firmware)

- Via Camera Pro, you can also access the full 100% JPEG, but it locks for 30 seconds after each picture at that setting.

- Edge to edge detail is good, but my 808 is sharper on the right part as on the left

Compared to the Canon S90:

- Nokia output is sharper, even when downsampled to 8MP.

- Dynamic range is much better in the RAW output of S90, giving more options for post processing

- Image review is faster on S90, but taking pictures is comparable

- S90 is easier to hold, more ergonomic as a camera

- Touchscreen does a nice job to replace controls of the S90.

- No option to control the flash output on 808

- 808 does not have image stabilization, even though High ISO performance is good, low light capability is serously hamperd because of this.

- Memory card of 808 is not easily accessable, connection via USB rather slow (5 MB/s)

In the end, the 808 is capable of replacing the S90, but post processing options are severely reduced. If you would never use the RAW capabilities of a "serious" compact, then the 808 will do in almost all respects.

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