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Tom Hoots
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NEX vs Fuji vs OMD - JPEG color casts.


Well, I missed the opportunity to ask this in the original thread, so I'll give it a shot now. And note that I'm adding the Fuji cameras (both X-Pro-1 and X-E1) back to the discussion:

While you guys have mainly been talking about very technical details about the hardware, the one thing that absolutely grabs me and wrestles me to the ground is the "native JPEG color and contrast" from the Fuji and Olympus cameras. As follows:

Fuji: In both the X-Pro-1 and X-E1, I just see an overwhelming blue cast to all of the images I've ever seen, and the darks in every image are VERY dark. I don't see "gorgeous color" -- I see an enormous blue tint, with a dark, almost gloomy overall look to them.

Olympus: I was hoping that the OM-D would be different than previous Olympus cameras, but images have proven otherwise -- it produces a heavy magenta cast in many images. "Green" grass becomes "brown" grass, neutral colors like sidewalks show a strong reddish color, and so on.

I'm sure that plenty of the users of these cameras use RAW, which makes this all moot, but I'm interested in what JPEG shooters have to say about the "default colors" these cameras produce. To me, this is the big reason why I wouldn't buy cameras from either Fuji or Olympus -- I want more "neutral" color than they produce, and I haven't had much luck trying to "fix" default colors like these in other cameras I've owned in the past.

So, to the JPEG shooters with experience with these cameras, what do you think about these "default JPEG colors?" Do you just not see it at all? Do you see it but just "live with it?" Do you see it and try to fix it within the camera settings? Do you see it and try to fix it in post-processing? I would sure like to hear your perspectives on this issue.

To be fair, perhaps what I've seen might have more to do with particular lenses rather than the cameras, and certainly the NEX cameras don't have "perfect" JPEG color -- but I generally haven't seen the strong color casts that I see from the Fuji and Olympus cameras.

So, again, please chime in with your thoughts!

Tom Hoots

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