E-M5 or GH3 for a fusion camera for personal use

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Re: E-M5 or GH3 for a fusion camera for personal use

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However, its video output is not as good as the Panasonic's...

Just curious, but can you tell the difference? I always hear about this but never have I seen an example that shows any difference (other than white balance). Do you have some footage that clearly shows the difference?

There is a large difference in video quality between the OMD and GH2 - OMD video *can* be good in the right situations but anything that's fast moving or if you pan or move the camera more than a snail's pace (which should be as fast as you move it anyway) the video soon becomes very pixellated and turns to mud very quickly.

OMD focus tends to hunt a lot more than GH2 in video mode too - perhaps that's why Oly put the 'stop focus' button on their lens.

Also I note that auto WB can vary quite a bit during video taking.

To cap it all off there is also a noticeable colour banding when filming large areas of the same colour, at least there is with mine and possibly another on this forum. It's not that easy to see under *normal* video taking but it's certainly there - I can see it in the EVF and it's quite clear on my HDTV playback but not easy to see on the clip I posted up to Vimeo...

If video is important then I would say the GH2/3 are way better options although the OMD IBIS is very good for video, that's about it's only saving grace...

Now this is what I'm talking about: lots of talk about how much better it is but no examples so that we can see for ourselves.

I honestly tried to get the video to "turn to mud" by panning quickly but it still looked perfect. I also couldn't get the AF to hunt in low light. Maybe I need bright sunlight to see these issues.

People don't really bother with examples since the GH2/3 is so objectively better for video on the spec sheets, and based on the design goals of the cameras. The H in GH stands for Hybrid. The GH line is designed from the ground up to be an excellent stills AND video camera. The OMD is designed to be an excellent stills camera, with some video stuff tacked on. There's not a lot of side-by-side video comparisons because people simply don't bother with the OMD. The GH2/3 have much better codecs, mathematically. There's more to videography than image quality, too. The GH2/3 (particularly the 3) have much better sound, controls, inputs, outputs, etc.

You really don't hear about any videographers and indie movie makers getting and using the OMD for video, they're all using the GH2 right now, and a lot are excited for the GH3. The GH3 is already reviewing as the best video camera for its price, and beats out a lot of much more expensive cameras for video. Really the only video camera that beats it right now outside of truly professional production movie cameras is much more expensive and doesn't shoot stills.

Now, just because the GH3 is purpose-built for video as well as stills, and is objectively better on the spec sheet for video, does not necessarily mean you need that level of quality of video. You may be quite satisfied by the OMD video. Just as some people are satisfied by the stills quality of lesser cameras, they may not appreciate all that the OMD has to offer in that regard. Not everyone can see the difference. But if you trust professional videographers, nobody's using the OMD to shoot movies, and a lot of them are ecstatic over the GH3.

But again, does everyone need a top-of-the-line DSLR-style video camera? Of course not.

I'm eagerly awaiting the final DPR review on the GH3, but from everything I've read elsewhere, the stills image quality is basically the same as the OMD. The GH3's video quality blows away the unhacked GH2, and is better than the hacked GH2. If somebody is looking for a "fusion" camera right now, the GH3 is really the best option. If somebody is just looking for stills, well, take your pick. Video is not a contest (if you know what you're looking at and what the codecs are all about).

That's why nobody's doing side-by-side comparisons on the OMD video capabilities. If it's a pain to work with on video shoots and has worse video codecs compared to the GH line, nobody's really going to bother to consider it.

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