OMD E-M5 Vs G5?

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Re: OMD E-M5 Vs G5?

MatsP wrote:

Rombo wrote:

Maybe no one answers your question because nobody wants another flame with the OMD followers.

My thoughts (as g5 owner)

1. The cams feel completely different in your hands. You should try them in a shop before deciding.

2. The OMD has some extra features that are important to many (sealing, 5 axis IBIS)

3. There is an ongoing discussion about the difference in IQ.

4. The G5 is a lot cheaper (esp. if you want a grip)

5. The OMD apparently creates more emotions

My thoughts, as an OMD owner: It is a truly excellent camera, the best m4/3 so far with GH3 very close. G5 is a bit behind. But still a very good camera.


OMD is twice as expensive as G5

OMD has better IQ, but you woun't really notice that unless you make very big prints or are pixelpeeping. You can take wonderful pictures with the G5, no doubt.

G5 is probably better on video

OMD has stabilsation in house (IBIS) which G5 doesn't have, but if you keep to OIS Panasonic lenses and never want to use legacy lenses, don't bother!

OMD is weather sealed (but only a few lenses are)

OMD has more advanced settings to make (but an awkward menu)

If you are an experienced photographer you should probably prefere OMD, but a beginner I think is well off with the G5, especially if video is interesting


One more nice thing about the G5 is the optional completely silent electronic shutter which even though there are some restrictions can be very handy. I also like that you can use the touchscreen for setting the focus while looking through the viewfinder. Some find that difficult to handle though. Maybe it depends on the shape of your nose. The screen is very flexible on the G5 btw.

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