I won a contest! I WON A CONTEST!!

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Re: I won a contest! I WON A CONTEST!!

Leif Goodwin wrote:

f56andbethere wrote:

I wish I had a doppelganger that followed me around and commented exclusively on what I said, gushing with praise no matter what I posted, defending me to the death in the face of any adversity.

Those are amazing comments, you really must be a talented person, not all of us can achieve such greatness.

Whoa whoa, whoa.

Jesus christ, I wasn't even being insulting, it was a simple comment on the odd fact that Linda only praises Neil for some odd reason... which is true. That's all she does. No big deal, just a fact.

I'm not even being insulting to her/him/Neil. Other people around here are far more insulting and don't get five attacks in a row for such a comment.

Leif, why are you being douchey? Sometimes you criticize Neil, other times you criticize people that criticize Neil. Make up your mind. What I said wasn't even that big of a deal, and no conclusions about my talent can be drawn from that comment. So you seem a tad off-base. Borderline idiotic. You attack people all the time with no obvious consistency.

All I said was that I wish there was a single person who was clearly my own personal public defender. She brings up threads that are half a year old just to say "nice pic Neil." Come on, put your glasses on.

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