Classic Shell for Windows 8

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Re: Classic Shell for Windows 8

Russell Evans wrote:

I still use Classic Shell on my Win 7 machine as I never liked the standard Start interface on it. I move the Taskbar to the left hand side of the monitor in Win7 and the standard Start interface just gets in the way with this as I don't use the left hand pane of the interface. I prefer the Classic Windows interface of Classic Shell for this as the only way to keep things workable in Win7 is to use a hierarchical structure. I would rather have the mouse right there to start digging, instead of having to drag the mouse to the All Programs link.

I also like the ability to use a custom Start Button in Classic Shell.

I tried moving the taskbar to the right side of my screen but found that it interfered with my use of some of my apps. I then tried the left side, but found that it interfered with my icons which are placed there as well as some other apps. I then tried the top but found that it prevented me from closing apps (I tend to use the top-right corner control for closing apps).

So it ended up back at the bottom.

It might be different if I had a larger screen but I have become so used to working with a laptop that I constantly find screen real-estate to be too precious to willingly give much up. Hence the auto-hide setting on my machine.

Thank you for all of the information you gave me. I did not even think about using Classic Shell on Windows 7 since I thought it had been created only for Windows 8. I had downloaded and installed Classic Shell on the Windows 8 machine to see how it worked, but never tried the Start8 software because there seemed to be no point. Classic Shell worked, it was free, so why bother?

Now I will "bother". Thank you.

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