Lens with "wow" effect !! :-))

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The "Wow" effect or factor as I define it for a lens

Philippe R wrote:

Hi you all,

I have read a post on someone looking for a lens that produces a "wow" factor.....

So let's have it, what do you consider a lens with a definite "wow" effect

Please specify the lens, the body it's used on, and of course your use...

For example, in 2005, Canon WA and UWA lenses, primes or zooms, had a long, well-deserved reputation for being very soft in the corners and that reputation matched my personal experience. The lens de jour of that time period for landscapers was an adapted Contax Zeiss 21mm prime. The first image I viewed from my first outing literally caused me to say out loud, "wow!!" - corners can be sharp (or sharper). For Contax users, this wouldn't necessarily be a Wow!! factor moment. They probably took great lenses for granted. Same story for a Leica R 28mm. For Canon users who now own some primes with sharper corners than previously, these lenses may not register such a wow!! factor. Maybe the Wow!! response is caused by long exposure to inferior products.

Example 2. It has been commonly accepted that the best IQ comes from stopping down a bit but the first images @ f1.2 I viewed from my new 85L II in 2006 also literally caused me to say out loud "wow!!" images can be sharp shot wide open. Again, based on my exerience at the time.

I've been lucky to own many decent lenses since and so my expectations are high and the "wow!!" response has not stirred (actually a good thing right?) until I saw the images from the 24-70 II @ f2.8 and that caused me to say "wow!!" - a zoom sharp wide open.

The images have no Wow!! factor if I don't do all of the other things necessary to capture great images. Images, lenses two different things.

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