Working with the Canon EOS 1DX alongside with the Nikon D4

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Hans Kruse wrote:

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I'm in the market to purchase a 1DX for mostly indoor sports in poor light and want to know its strengths and weaknesses before I drop 7K dollars for the body. So I really appreciate actual real world experience from a skilled photographer in extreme scenarios. Looking forward to your future updates about the camera. Many thanks.

With all due respect for Hilmer, did you notice that his test was in extremely low light and probably also contrast-less subjects? Would you shoot indoor sports using an f/5.6 lens? I assume you are aware that the auto focus system behaves quite differently on different lenses? Especially the 1DX works with a different number of cross type AF sensors and precision depending on the speed of the lens and the specific pens. So seriously I don't think Hilmer's test can be used for anything else than a reflection of the specific situation he was testing which we really don't know what is. Don't get me wrong, I like Hilmer's photography and also his thought of sharing, but as I suspected this turns into a much more general advice where what he is doing does not apply. I have no special interest in which camera is the best and under which circumstances, but I have a problem with misleading information and misinterpreted information.

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Yes of course, I'm aware of all these factors. Like anyone planning to buy expensive gear, I do my due diligence by reading up carefully. Like a majority of the folk here I have my share of experience with different kinds of lenses and bodies. However, I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds using high end equipment in the most extreme circumstances very interesting. In a way, its very similar to tearing up an expensive sports car around the test track or a drop test prove the toughness of a certain piece of gear. In the real world, we won't be pushing our gear that far but we would like to know how it performs in those situation "just in case."

I'm pretty sure a lot of us are smart enough to interpret the data offered here intelligently.  Please give us more credit then that.

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