MagFilter vs Lensmate Adapter vs ?? for rx100?

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Re: MagFilter vs Lensmate Adapter vs ?? for rx100?

ericN2 wrote:

EffWonPointToo wrote:

what do folks around here use? any bad experiences people should know about? anything you love?

Well - if Liz happens to read this SHE may tell you that she lost her original CarrySpeed MagFilter it just came off in some way and was gone !!.. but I don't remember anyone else commenting on that possibility so MAYBE the MagFilter ring is secure enough generally... the latest Mk.2 seems a lot better as it is made in more popular size to take a big range of Filters you may already have.

I wish they'd get a Seller in UK as I quite fancy that for slimness.

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Staffordshire, UK

You don't need a seller in the UK. Buy directly from the company. They ship worldwide.

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