Nikon 28-300 mm - 24-120 mm lens on FX

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Tried 'em all

I tried all of the mid-range zooms and owned the 24-70 as a baseline. Here's the unpopular truth:

The 24-120 F4, 28-300vr and the 24-85vr all give results that are quite close in actual shooting. All are consumer grade glass and that includes the 24-120. Optically I prefer the 24-85vr, not surprising since it's the least challenged given it has the smaller range. It's also the only small lens in the group. I like the 28-300vr, but keep in mind that you get more like 150mm at closer distances due to focus breathing. Still, it's very sharp and fun to use. Most critics didn't try one and base comments on web charts. Forget them. It's a good lens. The 24-120 F4 gives you constant F4 in better built lens, but I did not find it optically in a higher class.

People will always defend what they own, but EVERY lens is a compromise and there are very few "bad" lenses. If you want a swiss army knife then the 28-300 is a good pick. If you want a smaller rig and the same quality (but less reach), then the 24-85vr makes sense.

If you want a noticeably better IQ and more control then a Nikon 24-70 or the new Tamron 24-70 VC will be better picks. These are true pro lenses.


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