Which camera has lowest noise on market

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All the other canikon full frames released 2012 have very more or less the same noise levels at high iso.

Have a look here:


I am rather surprised by the OMD data. I own the OMD now which replaced my 60D (similar sensor to 7D). I honestly do NOT believe it has better sensor performance than 60D. If there's any difference, it is definitely worse.

Well, thats why most people think that the raw file is pre cooked.

Did you do a survey so that you know what 'most peopel' think, or are you just assuming that 'most people' think the same as you do? I haven't seen any evidence that the E-M5 raw data is cooked, while there is compelling evidence that the 1D X and 5DIII raw data is cooked. The E-M5 is unusual in that Olympus has set the metering to allow a huge amount of headroom, as evidenced by the DxO 'ISO' figures which are nearly a stop slower than the nominal. What this means is that in tests of total sensor DR which measure the whole sensor range, the E-M5 gets what looks like a stop's advantage over cameras with more conventionally calibrated metering. However, when in normal metered exposure situations, where the top end of the DR is determined by metered exposure, not sensor capacity, that advantage disappears.

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