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Michel J wrote:

bezerk55 wrote:

Now call me a troll if you will. Or tell me about how I don't know how to handle a video camera and I need to learn technique. And yes I totally am an amateur and have produced no video of any notable quality,

Maybe you're not a troll, but you seem a little too inexperienced to provide a lot of lessons on topic what you knows so little, and based on nothing about technical argumentation. Especially for someone who wants as much picky about tiny details (if you considere the low cost of this camera VS a pro-studio one — and not a toy as the hacked pana..). According to this last point, yes, perhaps you are finally a troll.


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Michel J

Oh it's you again. Hi. I'm not sure what technical argumentation I am supposed to provide other than looking at the video that OP posted and noting the amount of moire and aliasing (and suggesting that this is due to sensor line skipping in the downscaling algorithm, the same problem as the 5d mk2). Is there some sort of technical argumentation that you are privy to that explains how this moire and aliasing is a good thing and/or less prevalent than other cameras in its class (or below?). I don't think moire and aliasing is a "tiny detail" considering the majority of the criticism levelled against the 5d mk2 (and every video dslr since) is regarding moire and aliasing. And what is your point about the low cost of this camera vs a pro-studio one? Aliasing and moire are only worth criticising if you are comparing the Sony F55 and the Arri Alexa? And if the hacked GH2 is a toy as you say, then on video quality alone what is the A99 at 3-4 times more expense with poorer video quality? It doesn't even count as a toy but an overpriced trinket, if we are to use your language.

I have no idea who you are and why you are so defensive about the A99's video quality. I couldn't care less who makes or what camera I use as long as it's the best results for my money (which is not very much, as I am sure you will remind me). If you don't see the problems or don't care, or have some other agenda, it really doesn't bother me. No amount of you trying to defend the A99 by calling into question my own intellect is going to make me overlook the problems that are pretty bleedingly obvious to me. In fact you are criticising me for my lack of technical argumentation, which I have actually produced some of, whereas both in this and the other comment of mine that you replied to, you have done nothing other than to attack my knowledge or ability as a way to defend the A99. Anyway, I would be the first person to tell you that I don't really know what I am doing in the big scheme of things, so you're going to have to do a lot more than tell me the same thing if you're trying to make some sort of point, which you have yet to so far.

One thing I am really genuinely curious about, what is your opinion of the Sony VG900 video quality? I am happy for you to disparage me in any way if I could find out your answer to this question. Thanks.

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