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Re: Slightly different question about Zeiss

I have no Zeiss lenses, but compared many "normal" photography test shots of different focal length. I noticed the more high micro-contrast in general. Not all fast lenses I found them that good in comparison to longitudinal chromatic aberration at more open aperture settings. E.g. in spite of a very nice bokeh, I think the 35mm/1.4 has lot of this LoCA that I find annoying. Other lenses (not that fast) seems to render very nicely.

At last Photokina however I tested the new Zeiss Apo Sonnar T* 2/135 at the Zeiss stand.

I was totally flabbergasted by the quality, by the lack of LoCA, natural colour rendering, bokeh, sharpness, contrast, micro-contrast even wide open. I can not prove and have no comparison or evidence by other lenses from the few test shots, but I dare to say that this lens shall out-resolve any other lens in this focal lens of any brand. It is better than their famous Makro Planar 100mm/2.0 (I tested to at Photokina). By the APO design has better qualities for LoCA + CA, and do have a better colour clearness wide open.

A must have for every serious professional photographer.

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