Wedding studio switching from D700 to ???

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I must have fallen asleep for a moment, but is the D800 not good for weddings as it is?


The reality is: D800 adds 30%-70% post-processing time compared to other cameras. One of my second photographers uses D800 as a second body and it takes me a much longer time to process the photos.

When you think that you have hundreds or even thousands of photos to process for each wedding. D800 is not a good option.

If I am a landscape photographer, then I will be all over to D800 or D600. But unfortunately, neither camera is ideal for weddings.

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Not true in my experience. Maybe if you have a crappy old computer. But if you are a DIGITAL photographer, a beefy PC and plenty of storage is as important as a lens or camera body.

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Is a Mountain Lion 2x2.93 Nehalem quad core processors with 32Gb ram Mac Pro good enough for you...? Guess what... D800 does add 30-70% post processing time (even more if you include the corrupted files it creates, that have to be excluded and treated alone and if you respect your customers and convert your raws in 16bit tiffs and ´╗┐then ´╗┐compress to JPGs...) ...than a D700 or a D4 for the same process, on the same computer.


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