Running or similar photography with Nex-7??

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Re: re: indeed, MF aproach does work, but... ONLY if one is interested in 1-2 shots...

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Gearóid Ó Laoi, Garry Lee wrote:

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For street candid fast shooting, a Nex isn't the best choice, but for predictable sports like running?? How did those sports photographers of years gone by without autofocus do it? The same way you can. Just prefocus to the point you know they will be crossing. A subject like running is pretty straightforward. You ought to be able to do much much better than 80% accurate.

I used to do that before autofocus appeared and it worked great for one or two shots, now though it's a different matter

In what way is it different now? Same technique still works just fine.

...of a runner, for anything more (unless one is exceptionally nimble with their eye to brain to hand coordination, good enough to shorten FD quickly) it is bound to fail - for me it fails even with moderately fast pacing pedestrians at focusing distances shorten than a certain threshold (this is also a function of FL used, of course - much exacerbated if one likes/wants to shoot predominantly wide open, which is not much of a problem with a good/accurate AF = sadly, NOT a case of NEX'es)

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