K-30 and prime manual 50mm lens considerations

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50mm not ideal

On film it was a good recommendation but on the APS-C sensor which Pentax uses a 50mm lens returns a short telephoto field of view which is less useful. Today the equivalent general purpose walkabout prime would be the DA35 f2.4.

Having said that they are still good lenses and I have three, not that I suffer from LBA of course. Ask around your friends, family and workmates as there are many lying unused in cupboards attached to old film cameras. Charity shops might be worth a look too but I think they now have efficient ebay selling systems in place which makes this less likely. Car boot sales are also fertile hunting grounds.

There are other K mount brands to look out for too as Ricoh, Chinon, Cosina, Vivitar and others all used the mount at one time.

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