Epson r2400 and a couple of questions

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Re: Epson r2400 and a couple of questions

simon2901 wrote:

I will be using it more or less only for black and white prints and i was wondering if buying non epson ink would be so bad for print quality?

Getting good (neutral) B&W prints from an inkjet printer is more difficult than getting good colour prints because it's much easier to detect small colour casts in B&W than in colour. With any third-party ink set the grey balance may be different from that of the OEM ink so colour casts are common.

If you do find there is a colour cast you can tackle it in two ways with the R2400. If the colour cast is detectable in colour prints as well as B&W then you will probably need a custom profile. A good custom profile will normally cure this problem for a good quality third-party ink. It should also allow you to make acceptable B&W prints when printing in colour mode.

If the colour rendering is acceptable but the B&W is a bit "off" you may be able to correct it using the Advanced Black and White (ABW) mode on the R2400. ABW is capable of giving better B&W prints and it gives you the option to adjust the toning of the print. In this way you may find that you can correct any inherent colour cast.

I suggest that to see how good the B&W response is, you first print a known test image. You will find some good advice, and a nice test image, at Northlight Images

Good luck.

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