Want to like the fz200, but...

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Re: Want to like the fz200, but...

giraffe wrote:

All RAW files need post processing. I have had outstanding results post processing the FZ200 RAW files using photoshop CS6. I have even had great results at ISO800 using a noise reduction program. The FZ200 can produce excellent quality shots but my 2 suggestions would be to ensure you expose correctly and fill the frame with your subject as you do not have the latitude of cropping like you do with larger sensor DSLRs.

Bert D

Mr Affe,

Exactly so!

One might put your point like this:

  • Take photos using the long-known traditional techniques for achieving ggod composition and exposure so that they are in the best possible condition for improvement via processing.

A good attitude with any camera but certainly for cutting-edge photographic instruments such as the FZ200.

I am looking now at an ISO800 FZ200 RAW file processed in Photoshop.  I am looking at it 100% on a 30" 2560 X 1600 calibrated NEC monitor set to 100ppi.  (So it's a crop of the full image).  It looks great - no obvious noise, realistic tones & colours, clear and convincing details.

This monitor is not a 6X4 print.

SirLataxe, trying to allow his eyes to see what they see instead of what some prejudice tells him they oughta see.

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