Its called Sport, I wonder why.

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Re: Its called Sport, I wonder why.

Wheatfield wrote:

carl english wrote:

It's not about sport anymore. It's about winning, and if you have to cheat, play dirty or hurt your opponent to do it, then it seems perfectly acceptable in the minds of many coaches and players, and especially parents. It isn't limited to kid sports, it goes all the way up the ladder to pro sports as well (how many NFL players are injured by dirty hits?)

Players being killed is a natural result of this sort of attitude.

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It's the Conservatives, stupid

Isn't it the other way around ?

Pro sports have become more and more violent, cheating also became a normal thing, we see players become comedians to convince the referee to sanction the other side for something which never happened.

All this trickles DOWN to amateur sports at all level and all age groups, they see their "heroes" do it, therefore they do the same.

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