Dumb K-30 question

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Re: Dumb K-30 question

Wanganuilad wrote:

Hitting the flash button on the 4 way controller, we got some' not available' message rather than the flash menu. It was in Av. Later on it just went to the menu with no issue.

Any clues why that might be please ?

I can't think of any valid reason why the camera would do this.  A couple of way out possubilities - please don't be offended, I'm just trying to think of anything, no matter how unlikely and I don't rally think these can be true:

Could the mode dial have been slightly off?  Very unlikely because of the detent.

Were you looking at the wrong place to line up Av - Scene modes are opposite Av.  Even more unlikely!

He did seem to have it in bracket mode a bit, would that do it ?

Bracketting shouldn't affect flash - the default assumption is that you'll wait for the flash to recharge between shots.  In bracketting there's an option for one-touch firing: if you've chosen that the flash will fire for the first exposure but not the rest; but it won't be disabled.

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