Quality of Hitech Reverse Grad filters vs others

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Re: Quality of Hitech Reverse Grad filters vs others

colesf wrote:

Hi-Tech filters have repeatedly been rated higher than Cokin, and I have both. However, my Hi-Tech filters have noticeable warps. Also, for some reason, they're designed with cut-off corners, which make them harder to grab. A third strike is the very cheap plastic sleeves they come with--at least the Cokins come in a harder protective case.

Good to know. Did they warp after some usage or did they arrive that way? Cut off corners, can't figure why other than appearance. I get your point. I used to give testimonials and usage of my sample images for promotion in trade for Tiffen Filters. I am still using the original glass grads all the time and have been for nearly 20 years. I will hate having to resort to resin which I'm sure won't hold up for anything near that time. I wasn't please with their pouch though so I used Cokin's P plastic holders which have worked great.

I spoke to Mr Ray a few years ago asking why no glass grads when he used to offer it. He explained it was too difficult to maintain consistent quality and the cost became to high. It's a shame. The glass is so much more durable, less problematic when there is a lot of dew in the air, doesn't attract as much dust, lint and of course doesn't scratch easily.

Thanks for the info.

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