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Re: Nobody has answered my OP questions.

JulesJ wrote:

How do you know the quality of a P&S's image if you can't go by pixel count, and it seems you can't.



Cameras are tools with specific capabilities.  Some tools and their specific capabilities suit various user-purposes better than others.

How to judge a tool's capabilities?  Well, the advertsing blurb is not the best source now is it, eh?  Thos advert men are economical with the truth and inclined to the hyperbolic.

I don't have any photographic purposes needing the size, weight and cost of a DSLR.  But in the range of non-DSLR cameras there is a vast range of capabilities (and drawbacks) to consider.  I choose a new camera rarely but when I do it goes like this:

  • Look out for specifications that suit my (well-defined) purposes.
  • Consider the reputation of the manufacturer with those kind of camera-products
  • Read the reviews from the more reputable websites concerning any new camera that gets on my "look-at" list.
  • Read user experiences, in places like these forums, concerning the new camera.
  • Obtain full-size image files from owners who are willing to provide them, of the type I want to take.
  • Play extensively with these image files in Photoshop.
  •  Make a decision about whether the new camera IQ + it's other features make it must-have for my purposes
  • Look in the wallet.
  • Rein myself back if in fact I already have a camera that meets all those purposes just as well as the new one (or is within a few percent of "just as well").

I never will understand impulse-buyers, lovers of brands or collectors of anything, especially new product collectors.  "Too much money and too little sense" often seems to operate in consumer-land, especially with man-jewellry like cameras.

The fundamental question:  What's it for and does it really do that"?

SirLataxe, always ready to mount a vigorous wallet-defense.

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