Video test: A99 #2 vs EM5

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Shield3 wrote:

Why would anyone seriously purposely sabotage a test? To what end? You see he clearly owns the camera as I did. Did he draw all the moire on the roof in Microsoft paint as well? Geesh guys. Come on now.

I actually believe there is an issue with the A99 and video, in that it could certainly be better and half believe yourself and photo chris on the matter of how terrible that is.


There is clearly something very odd with the frame grabs from the books on table evidence in the OP, and it'd help if he posted the exposure/ISO settings for those clips, because the noise in the green fabric at the front of the table is terrible, if it where a normal photo, you'd think it was ISO12800..

And that's not ignoring the fact that both camera's look front focussed slightly, the OP doesn't state wnat aperture was used, but if there where the same, then obviously you'd get less DOF with the FF camera, so you'd have to be more critical with your focal plane.

When things are this bad, of course people may call foul play, but all it needs is some common sense rigour in the tests to ensure that all variabilities can be demonstrably ruled out, however it seems oddly chosen test cases are presented, and no effort put to further testing to pander to the doubters..

How hard can it be to try and characterise things? A lot of use can easily accept the issues of camera's on here, but it needs more careful proof and analysis then it seems the most vocal are remotely willing to do, which leads me to think that quite frankly no wonder you can't get people on your sides..

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