NEX-F3 frustration--is this related to ISO 200?

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Re: PP or camera settings make the difference

In all honesty the OP appears to know what he/she likes but doesn't seem to know how to get there or what about certain photos draws them to it.  With that in mind it's nearly impossible to give a true sense of what needs to be done to accomplish the composition they have in their own head onto a photo.  With that in mind you can talk all you'd like but in reality everyone here can only interpret the attributes of examples the OP lists as 'pictures they like ' and hopefully pick out the right traits as the OP is unable to explain why these pictures speak to them.

The bottom line is no lens or camera is going to make you a better photographer.  Spend some time with your camera, play around with the creative settings, play around with the sharpness, contrast and saturation settings, play around with picture modes.  Figure out what it is you like and find a way to be able to define it.  Spend some time on youtube and look at how to videos of composition especially of landscape photos as it seems to be your preference.  Read some books on composition and the manual options you have available to you.  Become a better photographer since like I said in another post, photography like many other things in life follows (or pretty close) the 80/20 rule.  80% photographer and 20% gear.  You can get some stunning photos out of an iPhone, is that an awesome camera in contrast to your NEX?  No.

The LAST thing I'd recommend is buying more gear as it honestly won't do you any good.  If you're into cars think of it this way.  Give Michael Schumacher what you drive to work in and you step into an F1 car.  Race around the Nuremberg ring, who will win?  Most likely Schumacher even though you're driving a 50+ million dollar machine designed to do one thing.  It's the person behind the wheel (or lens in this case) and not the gear they're trying to use.  Learn how to use what you have before you decide to just throw money at the problem as it only creates bad habits.

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