I need a landscape telephoto

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Re: I need a landscape telephoto

MirekE wrote:

If you only shoot stopped down from tripod, the 70-200 f/4L will be hard to beat.

I shoot it handheld almost exclusively. And often wide open at that

It is small, light, great optical quality. The IS adds weather sealing, which might be interesting for landscape. And the image stabilization is in my experience worth the price difference if you shoot handheld.

The IS version has at least some samples which do really not great at MFD. Have seen really bad examples. Not sure if that is a thing of the past, or if even all perform so so at MFD, or ifit is only a few.

Another not so expensive option would be the 200L. There is something about the image quality (clarity?) I like better than any of the 70-200 zooms. The zooms are more versatile, though.

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