Goodbye DPReview Challenges

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Re: Goodbye DPReview Challenges

Skylane wrote:

I like your attitude harveydad. While many on here act like childern we cannot treat them that way.

First we need to slow the circus down. Three Challenges a week is enought.

I think many of the challenges are filling up, so if there were only 3 per week there would be a lot of people who wanted to enter them but couldn't.  Why not reduce the number of people who want to (by making them have to do something... like vote 50 times in some other challenge... before they can enter one.  That would probably reduce the number of people who want to enter challenges (so having fewer would be ok), but the big benefit would be that the average number of votes on every entry would be at least 50.

Second only hosts vote AND every host must vote in ever challenges AND vote on each entry.

That would reduce the number of votes (I think... how many hosts are there, anyway?), and it pre-supposes that the hosts are better judges of photography (and more fair/unbiased) than the other people on this site.  I'm not sure that either of those things is true, at least for some of the hosts.

The cheating hosts will become more easily identified/proven and a better case presented to DPR staff to have said host dismissed.

I guess you agree with me that some of the hosts aren't any better qualified (or better from a fairness standpoint) than some of the non-hosts.

With everyone voting you have somewhat of a blind leading the blind situtation. If I am entering challenges to learn, why am I helping to decide what a better entry is??

Because "all of us is smarter than any of us"... or the concept of "group think".  If the contest is to see which photo is best in the minds of the general public, then the general public (the more the better, as when the sample size gets larger the anomalous votes get drowned out more) should be the ones voting/ranking the images.  If I were to enter a challenge (it's been a while since I have because of the issues I've seen in them), I'd like to get an idea of what the average person thinks of my image.  The best way to do that is to let all of the people (or at least as many as possible) rank it and then average their rankings.

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