NXR and NX300 ... what are your hopes and expectations ?

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Re: NXR and NX300 ... what are your hopes and expectations ?

I'm pretty happy with the NX20, there's nothing I feel that's really lacking at the moment. Some minor improvements would be nice:

  • More customisation of controls possible - I'd like to have ISO on the rear dial when shooting A or P, for example. (Saving 1 click - yes, I'm being lazy!)
  • Faster processing times (but not at a cost to battery life)
  • Get rid of the irritating pictures that flash up on the screen when changing modes!
  • Enable the android remote shutter app in manual modes - this is actually quite annoying. I was perfectly happy with the standard remote port on the NX10, if they're going to replace it with wi-fi, the least they could do is ensure there's no loss of functionality... I suspect this could actually be delivered now with a firmware update!

I don't want to see

  • Increased resolution - not necessary to me and the NX20 RAW files already stress my computer enough!
  • A departure from the excellent mini-DSLR ergonomics of the NXxx line

What I'd really like to see is a continued commitment to release excellent new lenses, and support the platform in the long term.

My expectations... a leaked roadmap, months of speculation, no official communication from Samsung, a perfectly adequate NX300 that delivers steady improvements on the current line but no massive changes, zero publicity, angry & bitter "fans".

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