Fujifilm X100 vs (new) X-E1 vs (wildcard) Olympus OM-D

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Re: Fujifilm X100 vs (new) X-E1 vs (wildcard) Olympus OM-D

Sulis2 wrote:

tarmstrong wrote:

Well I don't see myself getting into a system of lenses with the X-L1 due to the realitive high cost of each lens (compared to other mirror-less systems)...

Not sure what you mean by this. Show me a mirrorless equivalent of the Fuji 18-55 f2.8-4 for anything like the price (taking into account crop factor). Or the 35mm F1.4.

The 12mm and 75mm Oly primes are seriously expensive, and only the 45mm can be said to be affordable.

The reality is that good glass is expensive - but comparatively the Fuji glass doesn't seem extortionate at all.

That's all very true, but with some of the other systems, there are affordable alternatives. Certainly more humble choices, but they make the cost of entry a lot lower. It's a matter of choice.

With the X system, any lens past the kit lens is $600. I must admit that they are well-specced and well-priced for what they are though.

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