Why are kit lens' pictures like P&S?

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Re: Kim, there have been demonstrations of pros demonstrating what P&S cameras can do.

KimChu wrote:

camera manufacturers should have a disclaimer with the kit lens - "

"You will not be able to takes pictures similar to what you see in Sports Illustrated or National Geographic magazines. If you want those shots then buy our xxmm f1.4 lens that costs $500-$1000"

What?  That's a ridiculous statement.  The only thing your xxmm f1.4 lens does is make a very shallow depth of field.  If that's all you're measuring a photo by, then you're right you need longer focal lengths and lower f/stops.  However, you can get EXCELLENT photos with the kit lens, same composition they'll be quite a bit better than any small sensored camera.  However, if you're just shotgunning your photos and are expecting them to be measurably better than a P&S, forget it.  Good photos still follow the 80/20 rule.  80% is the photographer being able to capture the moment and knowing how to best capture it.  20% of it is gear.

The 'sample shots' you posted from the NEX reflect poor composition on a dull lighting day.  So it lacks saturated colors and punch.  However, it does show just how much sharper the kit lens is vs any of the other P&S samples shown here.  Look at the detail you can see on the petals vs say the G11 or your S200 samples.  But if you're just looking for punchier colors, just turn up the saturation of the NEX a notch as I'm assuming you're only shooting JPG.

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