Wow .... people still use film ..............

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Re: Wow .... people still use film ..............

Lou Cohen wrote:

Vincent O'Sullivan wrote:

Agreed. A lot of people view film in a negative way.

I always shot slides. I view film in a positive way.

I have a huge stockpile of film hard frozen in my freezer. I love shooting with film.  Hated doing work in the darkroom--Yuck!  Always has it professionally developed and printed.  Not anymore.  Hardly anyone properly processes film anymore.  I gave up trying to find a decent lab to do my work and don't feel like shipping my film across country to get it developed.

Shooting with film forced me to be very diciplined and to look at each scene more carefully and I got better the more I shot where i didn't have to think about it so much---I just automatically knew what to do.  I think this helped me when I moved to shooting digital.  I made the transition pretty easily.

Probably going to sell off my reserve of film. Don't know how long it will preserve being hard frozen. Sad.  I absolutely loved and still love my Canon EOS-1n--the best 35mm film camera that I ever used. I still have it and it is in perfect condition.  It is a lovely camera to shoot with. Love the design, weight and balance of the camera.  Sigh!

Gary Mercer

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