My AF Fine tune settings for all top Nikon lenses after calibration

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Re: My AF Fine tune settings for all top Nikon lenses after calibration

Thanks John, I appreciate your advice and the information.  I will consider sending my 800E away for further attention, though I am now pretty happy with the 'fine tune' settings I have for my lenses and have accepted that this seems to be the 'norm' with this camera.

I don't spend a lot of time on the net so wasn't fully conversant with what D800 users were finding was needed with 'fine tuning' their lenses.  I am still quite surprised at the lack of 'informed advice' I received from Nikon in Sydney. Especially when told that cameras should not require 'any' fine tune, by the NPS rep.

My 800E was adjusted from requiring minus adjustments to requiring plus adjustments, basically the camera must have been adjusted by about -20 to -25! I assume this was arrived at with them using their 'sample lens'.  At least all my current lenses fall within what seems to be the acceptable range now!

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