Help picking memory cards for D7000

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Re: Help picking memory cards for D7000

asdferer wrote:

First of all, yes I have done the homework online and there are a whole bunch of threads on this topic. But based on what I have read, those information is kinda old. Memory card technologies have innovated so much since the release of D7000 tow years ago.

I need to pick two cards for my new D7000 and I'm now thinking about either SanDisk Ultra 30mb/s or SanDisk Extreme 45ms/s, both 10 class, 16GB.

My consideration is basically whether the D7000's capability matching with the newer and faster cards. It doesn't make sense to waste extra investment on super fast cards while the camera itself has constraints on transferring speed. Seems like there should be a perfect, or very close to that, match for both the camera and memory card to work together. But what is it?

Also it looks pretty clear that the 45mb/s extreme is a better choice than the 30mb/s ultra, but now BestBuy is having a special deal on the 30mb/s 16G for only $15.

To sum up, the performance has the priority. I want to avoid the speed constraint from either the camera and the memory card. While the price is one of the factors to consider, I do not want to sacrifice performance for that. Help me to choose.

BTW, the BestBuy deal ends today, so it's nice if I can get some response soon enough.

Thank you all.

I switched from the 30mbs to the 45mbs cards because the extras speed clears the camera's buffer faster, and makes reviewing and downloading images faster.  It;s not a big difference, but it is noticeable to me. Tests have shown that any card faster than 45 MBS will not improve performance of the D7000.

- Jon

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