Thom Hogan on D600 oil/dust issue

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Re: Thom Hogan on D600 oil/dust issue

Waltersmatthews wrote:

Jim Keye wrote:

This isn't rocket science.

The fact remains: you can remove spots; you can't fix an out-of-focus image. And also the fact remains that the problem gets better after a number of shutter cycles.

Your reply and your positions suggest you are not a wedding shooter.

First, cameras fail. I have had one fail and picked up a spare and used it that evening.

I want to make sure i understand this correctly: you showed up to a paid gig without a backup? Oh wow.

Of course one would prefer to have tested and used a camera before being under the gun, so to speak but you don't always have that option.

Actually, you do have that option. I highly recommend you consider it.

I used the new one as a back up but i made over 200 exposures with it.

200 exposures at a wedding? That must be a record.

Although my intent was to point out the difficulty Nikon will have if the purchasers of the D600 start to return then in droves, the fact remains that it is clearly possible for someone to not have heard of the oil/dust issue with the D600, make 20 to 100 test shots, find them very good, and shoot an event with it., about that: You can barely locate the position of 39 AF sensors with 200 shots. :-? That doesn't even begin to crack the learning curve. I wouldn't dream of taking 200 shots to a job.

Outdoor photos on windy days, particularly in dry conditions end up making dust specs on your photos with any camera and if that number increases exponentially as you increase the number of exposures that is a lot more than of a problem than an occational inconvenience of having to shift a little to focus. We are not going to agree on this and please send whatever you want to Nikon if it akes you happy. I don't need to.

Ironic since you seem to have the axe to grind with Nikon. But then again, I would never find myself in this position because I'd be a couple thousand frames into a camera before it ever showed up at paid job. And yes, you do have that option. Nothing changes the day it shows up on your doorstep. You can still use your current gear before integrating new stuff.

Second, you suggest and I guess you believe that 36MP is beter for wedding photography then 24MP.

No, I suggest the d800 clearly outspec's the D600 in multiple areas.

It tells me you have not shot many weddings with a D800. In over 1000 weddings and more than 500 done digitally, I have not had a single photo that needed even 24MP, much less 36.

So why don't you have a D4? It's going to excel at everything better than the D800.

>Look at that list above.

It's happening because you don't know the first thing about shooting weddings. With 24MP I can spend less time getting the images right. It's more desirable than the D800 for weddings. 36MP is just too much for what is needed. Moreover that extra 1.5 FPS is useful for the occational face stuff with cake. The second SD slot is a better choice than the useless incompatible CF alternative.

Again, then why not a D4? Too big and heavy? Right, slap a 70-200 on a d800 and it's just so darn light and not tiring at all....

You are arguing because you like to argue.

And apparently you do to.

I wont reply, both are high end cameras and as I said, the D600 without the oil/dust problem is more attractive to a wedding shooter than the D800.

Says you. I still say a D4 is more attractive than either.

the D4 is too heavy,

Find a set of weights. Seriously. Vertical grip? Wouldn't trade it for the world.

the D700 doesn't have enough resolution, the D800 has files that are too big and the D600 is just right.

So get one, test it, clean it, test it, clean it, get familiar with the darn thing, and by the time you're done the dust issue will be too.

As to the hole in the design, i don''t know.


i have only been told that by two different camera repair people I know who have taken the D600 apart. . I do know that no other camera I have owned, and I have owned a lot, have had the problem. I happen to have a D800 and my back up is the D800E. Neither are ideal for weddings.

Then why the hell do you shoot them at weddings? Why do you even own them? Why aren't you using the equipment that is "ideal"?

Have at it, I won't reply.

Of course you won't. You've bought gear that overmatches you, that you won't get repaired--lemme guess, no NPS account?--and you're frustrated when you start thumping your chest and someone calls you out for the BS that it is. Good luck with all that.

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