A question about NEX-6's Hybrid AF

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Re: A question about NEX-6's Hybrid AF

winono wrote:

Here, as anybody can see, the Handbook is only talking about “showing or not” the PDAF points, and I’m not sure I’m getting this.

In other words: if I disable that option (so that I won’t see anymore the PDAF points in the Display), which of the following statement is true?

a) the PDAF is not working at all
b) the PDAF is working but its ranging points are not being shown in the display

The answer is B.

This is how you can easily test it.

1) Set your camera to aperture priority mode, set AF to AF-C.

2) Set the aperture to f7.1 (PDAF only works at f/6.3 or wider) so this will disable PDAF. Half press on the shutter. You'll see the scene continuously adjust itself (breathing/throbbing effect). This is CDAF continually checking focus.

3) Turn on the PDAF area points option. Set the aperture to f6.3 or wider (PDAF will only work from f6.3 or wider). Half press the shutter and you'll see the camera locks on the scene and stays there without the hunting effect above. If you get the same effect as point 2 above, move to a brighter area or set your aperture wide open.

4) Turn off the PDAF area points option. Repeat test 3. The scene would stay locked, not continually hunt like step 2.



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