NY post publishes photo of man about to die

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Photographer not at fault

He was apparently running to help and simply took a shot on a run.  You can't blame the photographer ( who was clearly too far away if you examine the perspective properly ).

The issue is whether you publish the shot.

Two points in this regard :

  • The shot shows the victim was trying to get out.  If there's ever a trial for manslaughter or murder then this will help defeat a possible defense claim that the victim was suicidal.
  • The horror inflicted on the victim is clear from this shot.  Perhaps printing it ( or similar images of other crimes ) will help bring home this fact to someone who knows an important fact but would otherwise not be strongly motivated enough to tell the police.

I think the main issue is whether the shot was published with the agreement of the victims family.  Clearly their potential distress is the issue.  You'd have to be skeptical that the NY Post bothered to ask the family - these tabloids generally don't hire editors based on their empathy towards other humans.

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