Nikon 28-300 mm - 24-120 mm lens on FX

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Re: Nikon 28-300 mm - 24-120 mm lens on FX

The 28-300 was a favorite when used with the D700. Slightly less so with the increased resolution of the D800.

I think Nikon has played a little 'fast & loose' in branding the 24-120mm with the coveted gold ring. While it is very good (and is the 'default' lens on my D800), it's not dramatically superior to the 28-300 ( copy of this lens).

***NOTE: there is a variable-build-quality factor at work with this lens. Mine is evidently much better than many I've read about.

This should come as no great surprise. My lifelong hobby is astronomy and I have owned and used all of the highest-quality brands of refractors (most similar to telephoto lenses). I once was invited to test 6 brand new examples of the latest Zeiss APO refractors. Four of them were supposedly "identical" (100mm f/8) as were the two 125mm f/8's.

ONE of the 100mm examples was excellent. TWO were "OK" and one was awful.

ONE of the 125mm's was outstanding and the other was merely average.

I have had similar experiences with Takahashi and other top-name makers.

There are a lot fewer telescopes made than telephoto lens. One might think that their level of QC would be higher than more mass-produced camera lenses. If, in fact, it is...then there can easily  be wild variances in lens quality control...even more-so with zooms!


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