Will Canon's rumored new Speedlites bring discounts on the 430 EX II?

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Re: Will Canon's rumored new Speedlites bring discounts on the 430 EX II?

I'm not sure I quite understand the statement from the canon rumor page,

"We’re told Canon could be announcing two new Speedlites in the first or early second quarter of 2013. Both of the suggested Speedlites could be to replace the current Speedlite 430 EX II. The guide number of the new flashes would be 45"

The guide number for the 430 EX II as stated from Canon's home page is 141.  Not sure how this could be considered a replacement.  I love my 430 EX II.  I had a well respected Sigma knockoff (forget the model now) but the Canon offers much more consistent exposure although I still have to crank up the exposure compensation a bit at times.  Can light up a whole school auditorium stage from 50 feet away.

malibu flyer wrote:

Canon Rumors [http://www.canonrumors.com/] is reporting that Canon will be coming out with a replacement for the 430 EX II next year. I have been looking to pick up the 430 but haven't been able to find a meaningful discount [nothing on Black Friday/Cyber Monday]. Everyone seems to have the same $45 "discount" to $254. It just seems like the dealers & Canon want to hook you with discounts on the bodies and kit lens but not offer discounts on even older flash models.

For those with more experience do you think this "rumor" will lead to more discounts after Christmas? I just got a t4i and am looking for the features of a flash upgrade to the built in flash.

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