I Need Advice to Make a First Print

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Re: I Need Advice to Make a First Print

Hugowolf wrote:

Larry Silverberg wrote:

When I look at the image size of my photo in photoshop, it shows that it the resolution 180 DPi and it is 27.644 wide and 15.556 high. Now, my understanding is that to make a large print (11x17 or 13x19) i need to raise the resolution to 300. And, it is also my understanding that if I UNCHECK the "resample image" box and raise the resolution to 300, it will tell me the largest I can make a print.

So, when I do this, at 300 DPI, photoshop says that the size is now is 16.587 wide and 9.333 high.

Does this really mean that I can not print an 11x17 or 13x19 with the images from my camera?

No, you are looking at an extremely small difference in resolution. As Vernon pointed out, there is nothing magical or intrinsically fundamental about 300 ppi. The 300 ppi standard is based on screening for offset printing at 150 lpi (lines per inch), it is a reference point and nothing else.

Can the resolution be set below 300 to print large size images.

It sure can. For very large prints it is rare to have an image at 300 ppi. The input resolution necessary to get a good image is very dependent on the image, its subject matter, the paper it is to be printed on, and the size and viewing distance of the final print. You will be lucky to find a billboard sized print that is over 50 ppi.

DO I have all this wrong to begin with.

Apart from the dpi ppi thing, not really.

As an alternative to QImage, I would look at Adobe Lightroom for printing without having to manually uprez the image. But for an image anywhere between 220 and 360 ppi, I wouldn't worry about uprezing at all, unless you want to do some final sharpenning at the printer's native rez.

Brian A

Thanks Brian A, really good information!

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