I Need Advice to Make a First Print

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Re: I Need Advice to Make a First Print

Older Fossil wrote:


It appears that your image is about 4976 x 2802 pixels.

First understand that the image is not currently in either a 11x17 or 13x19 ratio so it will need a little cropping if you want it to exactly fill either of those paper sizes or to have a uniform border on the outside of the image. I usually use the rectangular marquee tool set to "fixed ratio" to perform these paper specific crops.

In Photoshop's Image Size make sure that the resample image check box is OFF and then set the image width to either 17 inches or 19 inches. Photoshop will calculate what PPI value is needed to do that.

As other have said, depending on the image content and what the intended viewing distance will be, a PPI of less than 300 may work. At 13 inches high, you image would print at about 215 PPI. Once you have set the desired PPI in Photoshop, the printer driver will scale the image from that to its native print resolution. It should end up very close to the dimensions indicated in Photshop. If you print borderless, the printer driver will slightly expand the image to insure it prints completely to the edge. You will lose a tiny bit of your image around the edges when printing borderless.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Art, yes very helpful!

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