Converting RAW to JPG

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Re: Converting RAW to JPG

Brian wrote:

Thanks Dwight,

Thank you for the tip on the Codec.

The steps you list are my ​intent​. I played around a little bit with Lightroom but lack knowledge at this point for changing photos for the better.

Question of curiosity, does changes to images work better for RAW over jpeg because of having more data or due to being a different file type that serves better for the function.

I haven't come across the ​tag​ option yet.

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Processing in Lightroom works better on RAW files because there's more data. You ​can​ also do similar things on jpg files in Lightroom but there's less data to work with.

The tags are actually called Keywords in LR. Sorry to mislead you. When you import files you can add a set of keywords to all the files you import. Then in the Library you can place additional keywords on the images (I try to add people's names). You can also delete keywords there. If you misspell something there's a keyword list on the right panel. Find your misspelled keyword and right-click it. You can then edit it. Doing so changes all the occurrences of that keyword on all the appropriate images.

Tagging or keywording is an art you have to develop. There are ways to produce heirarchical keywords e.g. Animal>Cat>Ginger.

And in answer to your next question, I personally don't move files from the card to LR directly, but some people do. A long time ago I started using Downloader Pro, which you can use to rename all your files from things like DSC_4729 to "Suzie's Birthday Party 20121204 073" which is a lot more useful IMHO. After I got used to doing it that way I found that LR can rename your files on import, but since I had something that worked for me I didn't change it. Downloader Pro will also store the file in a folder with the same name you give the files. I expect there are many such programs around now.

LR loads with the option to start the import dialog when it detects a card being inserted (or a camera connected). If LR isn't running, inserting the card will start it.. I turn that option off because I want to use a different program to download my files.

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