D800 handheld hype nonesense - model shot handheld with 200/f2 at 1/30

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Re: D800 handheld hype nonesense - model shot handheld with 200/f2 at 1/30

John Motts wrote:

The whole point of this argument is that there are a few people who think that the D800 will give worse results than the D700 if handheld. This is where the misunderstanding comes in. It won't.

Size for size there will be no more camera shake on one verses the other.

The misunderstanding is that if you really want to make the absolute most of the D800's extra resolution and print massive prints, you need to hold it very steady. Nothing has changed here. The bigger you are likely to print, the more care is needed - it's nothing new.

Reproducing say, a 16x12 from both cameras, the D800 will not show any more shake than any other camera. It's a non issue.

The real misunderstanding arises when people compare files from both at 100% and expect the D800 to look better. This is a misunderstanding because the simple and old adage applies that the bigger you view a photograph the more you will see defects. Looking at a D800 file at 100% and comparing it with a D700 file at 100% is looking at it at no less than three times the size of the D700 file, so of course it will show defects more clearly.

This idea that, because with care you can produce huge pin-sharp prints from a D800, it must have been designed purely as a studio or tripod camera is nonsense. It has all the attributes of a D700 but with improvements in just about every area.

The fact that if you are extra careful you can produce fantastic poster size prints is a bonus.

Agreed, with the one piddling exception of the D800 having less speed in terms of frame rate (so one less attribute).

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