A99: Does the price point become rediculous for photographers?

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Re: A99: Does the price point become rediculous for photographers?

Hi Alphamale - you would like our Photoclubalpha T-shirts and polo shirts -

I'm afraid I didn't shoot the black Alpha Male shirts... which is what we have, no white ones at all!

They have my unique Alpha Male symbol on them and of course, the vital words, alpha male in old Minolta typeface on the T-shirt. The polo is a bit more subtle, just the symbol. Same for alpha female.

On balance, I am as happy with the A99 as the D600, but not with the price, that's all. At £1500 like the D600 is now, or the A900 was for ages, it would have just the right extra features to cost the same as a the last generation. I expect more for my money as time passes, not to have to pay more money to get the basic features (the extras are, after all, just bells and whistles and stuff for movie makers).

The new flash mount is adequate, but I have already had a day when I lost the adaptor and could not use it (I had left it attached to a HVL-F20AM...), and if was not for the straps I've got with the wallet on them, I would have to trust to not losing the protective insert cap in my camera case. But it's mostly academic; I only use flash to test flash. I'm the absolute reverse of a strobist. For that kind of work, I'll use an Elinchrom Ranger any day over AA-battery power stuff.


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