Any tips for shooting an event?

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Re: Any tips for shooting an event?

Chas P wrote:

Those Cheetah stands look brilliant - perfect for property shoots too, I hate having to collapse two stands to move rooms. It's just my opinion, but I wouldn't be using a stand in a tight space with important clients who are drinking cocktails though.

Since am going solo over this, I will keep all of the equipment with me.

OP, I would highly recommend doing some tests at home with yr camera on a tripod. Shoot yourself with and without a bounce card and check for panda eyes vs catchlights. Remote lights need very careful placement so as not to pi$$ off anyone near them.

I already did some test shots with different light environments, everthing seems to be ok, but I'll let you know how it went in the real world scenario.

What insurance do you have?

None. What kind of insurance do you get when doing shoots like these? I live in MX so things are a bit different here. Nonetheless, am interested in how you handle things over there.

I wonder if the OP will come back. I have to say I find it bloody strange that someone can come on here and ask for advice then never be seen again. I'm sure that won't happen in this case as it's still early days, but it does seem to happen a fair bit. Lots of regulars giving great if sometimes conflicting advice. Make it a conversation, please! Looking at the OP's history, maybe he hasn't been having a very positive experience here..

Sorry for taking so long to reply, but have been very busy getting all things sorted out. My experience in forums like this one has been quite positive so far. I really like hearing what other fellow photogs have to share.

I would hardly be the photographer I am without the advice and help I've gotten from all of you thru the years!

SFzip is right about raising the ISO and stopping down if  you really need the DOF. If I'm shooting an event with fast primes I make the groups - sure, occasionally someone will add themselves to a filled frame, but I tell them I can't fit them in and shoot them separately.

I find a laptop bag useful for carrying lenses and flashes in, for easy access. They tend to be less bulky than camera bags and easier to get into than belt pouches.

That's a good tip, I will take my laptop bag with me!

The technical side of it amounts to about 20% of the gig, IMO. It's all about people management.

Indeed! Guess I will have to resort to my extrovert side in order to engage people. I've already planned a photo both for one of the events that hope will help me break the ice with people attending.

Did I mention insurance?

Yep, you did!

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