Any tips for shooting an event?

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Re: Any tips for shooting an event?

tclune wrote:

Most likely, everyone who responded to you has more experience with event photography than do I. But here's my two cents worth anyway. While I really like well-done bounce flash, I find it hit-or-miss. I would be very tempted to use a Gary Fong Lightsphere, which will give you a much more uniform (if somewhat less engaging) product than you are likely to get with bouncing the flash in a strange room. FWIW

I was told by a friend in Chicago that covers nightclubs for a mag, that Fong things tend to get lost or crushed in crowded situations. Something to do with the pop-out dome on top and the two piece design.

Anyhow, it would be hard for me to get one of these delivered on time, so I will have to make do with bounce card and black foamy thing!

Thanks for the advice, thou.

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