Video test: A99 #2 vs EM5

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Re: Video test: A99 #2 vs EM5

photo chris wrote:

Kappels wrote:

photo chris wrote:

Kappels wrote:

"The A99 was shot with a standard profile, the $2000 Zeiss 24-70 and the highest bitrate 1080p/24 settings, steadyshot off, manual focus confirmed by focus magnify in stills mode and so on."

Why do you not set the A99 to 60p @28M?

Because there's more information in each frame when you're in 24p

EDIT: Also because most of what I shoot is 24p so I'm testing it at actual settings for paid work. 60p is strictly slow-mo.

Well, I shoot in 60p @28M for PAID work. Who says it is strictly for slo motion?

I never said that, I simply said that's what I do, so I'm testing the camera in MY workflow. 24p has more information per frame and more detail, plain and simple. Why would I test with settings that show less detail when the whole point to find out if the camera can actually render detail on wide shots before my return window closes?

Of course 24p @ 24 megabit contains more data than 60p @ 28 megabit.  Math isn't tough.

The usual defenders have come out en force.  Chris, like you, I was p-o'd that I had $7k wrapped up in gear that I had to unload as well.

LOL @ anyone saying this compares to any Canon 5d mark ii / iii.

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