Any tips for shooting an event?

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Re: Any tips for shooting an event?

Zee Char wrote:

Some great advice here. You have places to bounce your flash so if you are not familiar with OCF for these situations stick to on camera. Not sure how how your camera handles high ISO but I'm not afraid to shoot at 3200 or 6400 if I have to with my FF but 1600 is good. A good rule of thumb is to have the ambient meter about two stops underexposed which will give you a nice balance between ambient and flash. You don't what to be nuking the clients with the flash.

Am familiar bouncing the flash off ceilings and walls -both on camera and off- so am having less of a hard time trying to get the best out of the equipment and the location. Just a bit unsure as to how to handle glass walls. Guess something will come up right then.

My camera handles high ISO settings pretty well. All the more so when considering that these photos are meant for web use. 3200 seems to be my acceptable limit.

I will keep that two stops below spot in mind. I really don't want to deal with blown highlights!


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