Any tips for shooting an event?

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Re: Any tips for shooting an event?

hotdog321 wrote:

I would suggest that they hire and experienced party photographer. I've shot a million (or it seems that way) events and this stuff can be a little tricky, especially if you want any kind of decent quality.

For what it is worth, I generally work a scene with a moderate wide angle lens, on-camera flash--bounce flash with white card combo, ISO 800 or 1600, about 1/60th sec. Shooting RAW can really help balance the highlights/shadows and color balance.

You want to use a setting with will give some sense of environment (not too dark a background), freeze any "action" and not blow the highlights on your subjects. If they are wearing those darn black tuxes, you will need to watch your exposures like a hawk.

I somewhat agree that they should have hired a dedicated party photographer for the event, considering that this kind of photography is not particularly easy to master. Also, because dedicated party photographers are all about public-relations, which is not exactly my case.

That said, is not like they're hiring a complete amateur for the job. I've been doing interior/ architecture and product photography for them for the past couple of years and they've been very happy with the results, which is part of the reason they asked for me. Being passionate about photography, am also willing to tackle this challenge!

I was thinking about the same lines over the settings. As for the flash, just got myself a white foamy thing that I plan to use as a white card -with a much bigger area- but that is also covered with a black coat so as not to spill light and to flag the flash, which in a venue with many glass walls will surely become an issue.

Thank you for the advice!

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