Nikon D4 16MP ridiculous!

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Re: There is a big difference between an opinion and....

bikinchris wrote:

If he had stated his opinion as that- an opinion, then no one can argue an opinion. He states that Nikon is wrong for not dropping everything and making his camera. He states it as a fact. Even though it would be the poorest seller in Nikon history and cost an arm and a leg at the same time. I guess $10,000. People railed against Nikon for the 24mpx D3X price even though it was the highest pixel cpunt camera in the world at the time. Now add even more pixels and ramp the speed up to 10 fps and see what the price is. It might break Nikon IN MY OPINION.

I state that Nikon is far behind Canon in processing capacity. But obviously Nikon has a better AF, particularily in low light. The AF could steal processing capacity, so maybe Nikon and Canon are more in line on this than shown purely bu MP*FPS?

Of course it's an opinion, and the headline was for drawing attention. But I am not sure this is a price question, but a question of time. And I am sure we'll have a light pro camera with 10fps and 36MP from Nikon some day. Hopefully not too far away.

Attached an example of a difficult recording situation, where such a camera would be very needed:

European Coots in Display Fight.

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