Flash for Macro

Started Dec 4, 2012 | Questions thread
Morpho Hunter Contributing Member • Posts: 624
It's completely useless for hand-held macrophotography, in this case you

need to use a tripod/copystand and your subject must be motionless (i.e. dead). I have bought one of these units to replace my large noisy, vibratiing, fibre optic lamp to photograph butterfly wings at high magnification, using the OM 20mm f2 and 38mm f2.8 auto macro lenses and this copystand:


The problem is that, for macrophotography, where apertures of f5.6 - f8 are required (represents maximum depth of field before diffraction becomes noticable on mFT lenses), the light from this unit is soooooo weak, long exposures are required. But hey, given it's small cost, it's well-worth purchasing!


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